Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Events

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BOSTON 03.28.2017

Trump Era Forecast

Don Peebles
The Peebles Corporation
Jack Manning
Boston Capital
Bruce Percelay
The Mount Vernon Company
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ORANGE COUNTY 04.05.2017

Orange County Multifamily

Bill Montgomery
Sares Regis
Ari Astalos
Garden Communities
Greg Campbell
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OAKLAND 05.09.2017

Oakland Multifamily & Mixed-Use Rise and Expansion 2017

Phil Kerr
City Ventures
Brent Gaulke
Gerding Edlen
Charles Long
Junction Properties
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CHARLOTTE 05.10.2017

Charlotte Multifamily Growth & Expansion 2017

Norman Radow
The RADCO Companies
David Ravin
Northwood Ravin
Steve McClure
Spectrum Residential
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