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What's Missing From Prince George's County?


Prince George's County has long been a pleasant place to live, but it has only recently begun to attract the kinds of shops and employers that reflect the population's level of affluence. While it's undeniably on its way, it's not there yet. 

"The county most needs upper middle class oriented services, such as retail and office," says Southern Management CEO David Hillman. "It has plenty of housing in that category, but those residents have had to leave the county to spend their money in the past. Developments like National Harbor and Westphalia are examples of products that are changing the county—more like that are needed."

Urban Atlantic president Vicki Davis cited "walkable neighborhoods," such as her own company's at the New Carrollton Metro site, as the county's biggest need right now.

"This type of development," she says, "enhances what is arguably the best local and regional access point into a community with a real destination and sense of place."

Peterson Cos principal Jon Peterson believes that improving the transportation network is most important in assuring the county's long-term growth and success.

"Believe it or not, there is not a Metrobus connection across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, which connects employees to jobs and tourists to attractions," Jon said. "We are working with county, state and regional partners to address this critical need." 

Jon and David both pointed to the arrival of a new FBI Headquarters as a huge potential win for Prince George's. That happy ending to the county's long courtship of the Bureau is looking increasingly likely.