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City Taps Group That Includes T Bone Burnett To Tackle Greer Stadium Redevelopment

Greer Stadium's iconic scoreboard

Metro has struck a tentative deal — in the form of an intent to award letter — with developer Mathews Co. to undertake the redevelopment of Greer Stadium. Mathews' team for the project, which will be known as the Cloud Hill Partnership, includes music producer T Bone Burnett. The group bested four other development proposals, the Tennessean reports.

A final contract is contingent on negotiations between Metro and the developer. Metro has made it clear that it wants the site to include affordable housing, parks and green space, and various creative arts and music space.

Cloud Hill Partnership's proposal for the 21-acre site, which is owned by Metro, includes more than eight acres of park land, open space and greenways; around 300 residential units, in a mix of affordable, workforce and market-rate housing; and a retail area with restaurants and shops. It also plans an arts-oriented cultural center for the development.

The stadium, which the Sounds left in 2014, would be razed under the plan. But its guitar-shaped scoreboard, easily the stadium's best-known feature, would be preserved.