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Exclusive Q&A: MissionPoint CEO Jason Dinger

Few industries change as rapidly as healthcare, not only in patient treatment, but the management of healthcare itself. We talked with MissionPoint CEO Jason Dinger about a cutting-edge concept his Nashville-based company practices: population health management. Jason will be a speaker at our Nashville Healthcare Leadership Forum on Nov. 17.


Bisnow: What is population health management?

Jason: It's complex, but population health management involves an entity, such as MissionPoint, taking responsibility for positively impacting the delivery of healthcare to a large group of people, a distinct population. We currently serve more than 250,000 members in nine markets across the country, and our goal is to promote a smarter, more patient-focused way to deliver high-quality care at an affordable cost.

Bisnow: What are your goals for your members?

Jason: Lowering healthcare costs for members and employers, helping health systems become a provider of choice for new members, and improving the overall health and healthcare experience for our members.

Bisnow: How do you do that?

Jason: We build networks of physicians and facilities that are incentivized to improve the quality of care for our members, and improve outcomes through traditional and nontraditional service. Our networks are large and inclusive—hospitals, physician groups, prime care facilities, specialists, skilled nursing facilities and more.

Traditional medicine in a clinical setting is very important, but so are other, nontraditional services. Some examples would be transportation, home visits to identify fall risks, or helping people who live in food deserts to get access to healthy foods, the better to manage their health.


Bisnow: Why is population health management an important part of healthcare going forward?

Jason: The healthcare industry has built a remarkable infrastructure of care, which educates and incentivizes physicians and facilities to deliver the highest level of care, as well as promotes the development of drugs and devices. That's given us some of the best healthcare in the world.

But we have to pivot from simply having those services, to people being able to access them at a price they can afford. Entities like ours will help more traditional players evolve into a place where there's still high-quality healthcare, but provided to more people at a lower cost because we're helping prevent illnesses before they happen.

Bisnow: How so?

Jason: The goal is to establish more high-value networks, those composed of high-quality, high-performing physicians and facilities. The market will reward them with more business. Everyone who aspires to lower costs and better outcomes, and succeeds, will be rewarded for it. 

Hear more from Jason and our other expert speakers at the Nashville Healthcare Leadership Forum on Nov. 17. Sign up here.