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Nashville Airport Unveils Design For $1.2B Expansion

BNA's plans for its entrance

Nashville International Airport unveiled detailed plans for a $1.2B expansion and facelift to remake the facility's entrance, add various kinds of space and revamp the overall visitor experience.

The plans are part of the five-year "BNA Vision" the airport announced last year. Dallas-based architecture firm Corgan completed the final designs. 

The new central entrance will make expansive use of natural light and offer a look that evokes the shape of an acoustic guitar, the Tennessean reports.

The plans are much more extensive than refitting the entrance, however. They call for a new 288-room hotel on-site, a six-story parking garage with 2,000 spaces, a new office building, a new facility for international travelers and an expansion of the facility's concourse D with new retail. 

The plans further call for a light rail line to the airport. Donelson Pike would also be relocated to be further away from the airport.