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The Advantages Of Retail In Mixed-Use


Retail can be the backbone and help create an identity in mixed-use projects. The right infrastructure is key, according to experts.

Getting the ground floor of a mixed-use development right can be financially beneficial since retail is the glue that holds the project together, according to York Consulting Group president Rob York (center).

Location also has a lot to do with the survival of retail since the rest of the community will support it, said J.H. Snyder senior partner Michael Wise (left, with Architectural Dimensions president Jim Heilbronner on the right).


Jerde CEO/design director John Simones (second from left) spoke about the excitement: People are saying, for first time in 30 years, "LA is starting to happen."

Looking toward the future for retail, Watt Companies VP of asset management Allison Lynch (second from right) said firms need to figure out what people won't shop for online and what will make people come out and visit.

Pizzulli Associates president Cosimo Pizzulli (far left) moderated the panel. MJW Investments founder and president Mark Weinstein (far right) said big challenges for restaurants in mixed-use include sound and trash.


Student housing tries to survey tenants for mixed-use to find what they want in their complex.

The answer is usually restaurants, a yoga studio, a small grocery store and a dry cleaner, Mark said (shown here with Michael on the right).

For more about student housing projects, hear our speakers at the Bisnow SoCal Student Housing event at 7:30 am tomorrow.