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SourceAmerica, a private 501(c)(3) social enterprise with oversight of 550 nonprofits nationwide, creates employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities by providing services and goods to federal and commercial customers—ranging from total facilities management at Fort Knox to production of US interment flags. SA employs over 125,000 persons through its network, including many service-disabled veterans. Raquel became CLO of the 30-person legal department in August 2014, after serving as a trial lawyer at the USDOL, and as in-house counsel at Mary Kay Inc, ACS (a Xerox company) and CSC.

What you didn't know about Raquel:

  • While in college at UT-Austin, she was a power-lifting regional champion and national silver medalist.
  • She considered giving up law school to become a professional mountain biker.
  • She was featured in the "Leading Latinas" June 2013 issue of Hispanic Executive Magazine.
  • If Raquel weren't a lawyer, she'd have loved to be a WPBF professional boxing commentator.
  • She has certifications in personal training and Pilates.
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