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PN Hoffman Pulls Zoning Application For Adams Morgan Plaza Following Protests

Suntrust Plaza Adams Morgan

After Adams Morgan residents rejected a compromise proposed by PN Hoffman to create the above plaza in front of its planned six-story luxury building, it appears the developer has gone back to the drawing board. 

PN Hoffman withdrew its zoning application for the SunTrust Plaza site to make more changes to the projects design, UrbanTurf reports. 

The original plan for 1800 Columbia Road NW called for a 70-foot-tall building with 60 condo units. The developer says it now plans to reduce the height to 65 feet and five stories. It will also shift some mass from the rear of the building to the front, further reducing the plaza size by five feet. 

"We have done our very best to listen to all parties and optimize this site for the neighborhood accordingly, within the limits of regulations and commercial viability," the developer said in a release. "We believe our plans are a substantial improvement over what exists there today."

The developer will bring its new design back to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission later this month for feedback. [UT]

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