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Adams Morgan Residents Reject PN Hoffman's Plaza Compromise, Continue Protests


PN Hoffman's plans to build a six-story luxury condo building on the corner of 18th Street and Columbia Road NW continues to draw outrage from Adams Morgan residents, and the amount of outrage has baffled some close to the neighborhood and the project.

After neighborhood activists expressed their opposition to the developer's initial plan to turn the existing plaza—which sits on privately owned land—into a condo building, PN Hoffman tried to compromise by moving the building back and creating a smaller, 2,500 SF plaza, rendered above. 

The attempted compromise seems to have done little to appease unhappy residents, as many have taken to the streets with "Save Our Plaza" signs and some crashed their local council member's office hours in protest, Washington City Paper reports. 

Several residents quoted in the report expressed anger at the thought of a luxury condo building on the plaza where they occasionally hold farmers markets and concerts, with some lobbying the city to buy the site from PN Hoffman. CEO Monty Hoffman views this anger as unfair and was surprised when neighbors didn't accept his compromise. 

“We go the extra mile to make things work out," he told the City Paper, "but this particular ANC has been very hostile towards our development.” [WCP]