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Super Sunday Dead Ahead

Seattle Office

Game day is almost here, and for most of this month, Stadium Place at 2nd and King has beamed a giant “12” out to the city, a creation of Blue Danube Productions. The light installation was done in a building that isn’t finished yet, Blue Danube director of operations Jason Fitzgerald tells us. It wasn't as simple as turning on lights in selected rooms, since there are no (permanent) lights installed in the building yet. Instead, the company had to bring in 170 light fixtures to illuminate the structure on both sides, and since the windows were tinted so dark, Blue Danube had to stick diffusion paper and black masking on some windows to form the shape of the "12" and make it bright enough to see from the stadium. The final result was a "12" that was 100-feet tall (10 stories). Photo: Tony Hoffman/Blue Danube Productions


The “12” flag that was flown atop the Space Needle for each playoff run that the Seahawks have made in recent years was raised on top of the Space Needle yesterday, after which it was brought down to be signed by hundreds of avid 12s following the Seahawks Rally at Seattle Center. From there, the signed flag will be flown to New Jersey for fan events and given to the team prior to the kick-off of Super Bowl XLVIII.


JLL Americas executive chairman Roger Staubach is picking the Broncos over the Seahawks on Sunday. We can’t say we agree with his choice, but according to the firm's analysis of the last 13 seasons' finale games, teams based in cities with the higher office vacancy rate have won the Lombardi Trophy 62% of the time, including last February when Baltimore (15.5% vacancy) edged San Francisco (11.8% vacancy). This year, according to the latest JLL Research, the overall vacancy rate in the Mile High City stands at 13.9% compared with 12.5% in the Emerald City, making the Broncos the firm's favorite to win the crown.