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Bisnow Content Partner


Equiem is a content partner of Bisnow and have worked with our Studio B team to develop creative content and custom offerings.

Equiem’s world-first integrated technology and services platform enables a property asset to evolve beyond bricks and mortar. By providing exclusive access to amenities, convenience and information, our digital platform transforms the way every single person in a precinct connects and communicates. But we are more than just another digital innovator. We are not only online. We are also on-site, finding out about tenants’ likes and gripes, making their day easier with first-class services, hunting out stories and engaging them with initiatives that enrich their lives. We champion retailers, assist building management and report back to owners. The result? Greater happiness and convenience for tenants, increased brand awareness and sales for retailers, improved communication for building managers, activated communities and unparalleled value for asset owners. In other words: We are changing the world, one square foot at a time.