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How Digital Tenant Engagement Platforms Can Increase Office Landlords' ROI


Mobile apps and the Internet of Things have transformed the way people socialize, eat, shop and even access health, transportation and administrative services. With the right mindset, office landlords can put digital communication to use for themselves and their tenants — and begin significantly upping their return on investment.

For office building owners, online service portals as part of a digital engagement platform can connect occupants to all the local amenities around a building, such as restaurants, retail, health and wellness, dry cleaners and newsstands.

Tenants also can write in feedback from the app. This gives property managers access to a more complete, long-term database of client testimony. Combined with cloud-based reporting and analytics infrastructure, property owners can run reports and analyze occupants' activity from smart devices, laptops and mobile devices in real time. With Equiem, clients spend an average of nearly nine minutes on the site posting comments, RSVPing to events and conducting and completing building-wide polls.

The information can be leveraged to improve and customize the tenant experience. Building occupants end up more satisfied with their deeper community involvement, prompting lease renewals and the regular use of extant building resources.

“Ultimately, we’re providing building owners with a platform to attract quality tenants, retain them and unlock more revenue from their buildings,” Equiem CEO Gabrielle McMillan said. “Key to this is providing their customers with an experience that delights and enhances their every day.”

Equiem works with over 400 retailers and brand partners to provide a suite of services to occupants. Last year alone, residents purchased over 117,044 products, with users ordering daily essentials such as their morning coffee, locker rentals for valuables and baggage, and even laundry and steam press services for corporate outfits.

“You could have a restaurant, pharmacy, newsstand, lockers or a gym in or near the building,” Chiapoco said. “Our portals connect these services so your occupants can access them. As the platform genuinely offers value, tenants sign up in droves, giving owners access to a more complete database they can leverage to further enhance the tenant experience, all while maximizing return on investment from existing resources.”

These online portals are generally most effective when coupled with dedicated on-site customer service staff. Equiem’s community manager concept consists of marketing experts who work directly with building managers to monitor and assist tenants, organize events and keep the property running smoothly. Each team is tailored to fit the specific needs of the building and tenant landscape. The strategy results in an average of 40% greater engagement in buildings that employ an on-site team. Each staff member is trained to serve as a helpful liaison between clients, managers and the engagement system itself.

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