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Startup Claims $35.9B Worth Of Untapped Property In Seattle Area


Seattle-based startup CityBldr—whose mission is to use big data to maximize city space—analyzed every building in King County, WA, to find the redevelopment potential. The firm concludes property owners are missing out on a grand total of $35.9B in earnings.

“CityBldr’s goal is to create smart cities,” CEO Bryan Copley tells GeekWire. “We can use artificial intelligence paired with empathy and create happy, functional, sustainable communities.”

The company is working with developers, investors and housing development authorities to analyze properties for potential improvements—to help Seattle avoid the housing shortage that's hitting San Francisco, caused by the tech boom, GeekWire reports.

Copley says Seattle is growing crowded like S.F., and his plan is to maximize supply by using all of the potential land—CityBldr helps developers analyze where to invest to make the most profit and community impact. [GeekWire]