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The Business Community Is Trading In Steak Dinners For Spin Classes

The health and wellness trend is pushing its way into the business meetings space.

Rather than taking clients for boozy cocktails and fancy steak dinners, many professionals are opting to build relationships during workout classes.


Not only does this help create bonds while endorphins are running high, it also prevents employees from heading to work the next day with a hangover, Bloomberg reports. 

Some gyms, like Barry’s Bootcamp, have started providing services to accommodate these meetings like ensuring treadmills can be booked side by side. Popular spinning gym SoulCycle has seen such an increase in corporate visitors it has created a sales team specifically to tackle business events and requests, according to Bloomberg.

Other companies are renting out whole classes, a trend that has emerged as a way to network and engage in team-building activities. Fitness chains such as Equinox facilitate these events by offering training circuits such as the Playground Experience, which allows groups to break into teams and work together to complete the workout.