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Fast Food Giants Are Taking Moves From This Sleeper Fast Food Chain


With all the talk of McDonald’s innovations and the rise of fast-casual, Sonic, the fourth-largest US burger chain, gets left out of the conversation—because it’s a different than these other chains.

Sonic’s drive-in and park model—as opposed to drive-thru—sets it apart from companies like Burger King and McDonald’s, and lets customers sit in their cars and contemplate their orders. 


The extra time means Sonic can bring more variety to its menu—like 1.3 million drink combos (yes, you read that right), according to the chain.

Sonic's also done its part on the trend-setting end, serving all-day breakfast way before McDonald’s—and hot dogs long before Burger King, Business Insider reports.


This drive-in model also means that its success comes outside of cities where cars are more abundant, meaning less press coverage compared to fast-casual successes like Shake Shack. [BI]