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What Does The Future Of Multifamily Look Like Post-Pandemic? Find Out More At Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference


Despite the challenges in the commercial real estate industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. multifamily sector has been on a steady path to recovery. According to CBRE, by the third quarter of 2021, vacancies were dropping in percentage points and investments had reached $179B since the start of the year. 

The popularity of multifamily has grown thanks to shifting demographics, a boom in employment and the steady revitalization of the economy. As the demand for multifamily units continues its ascent, there has never been a better time for CRE professionals to explore new ways to get a piece of this booming market. 

One way to get in the game is to attend a Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference to learn more about how to make the most of the current multifamily market and gain a leg up on competitors. BMAC conferences take place across the U.S., with two conferences each on the East Coast, West Coast and in the Midwest. Attendees gain insights into multifamily from expert  speakers and panelists who discuss the latest trends impacting the multifamily market. 

For CRE professionals along the coasts, be sure to check out the following special keynotes: 

  • BMAC East on Nov. 30: Matthew Birenbaum, chief investment officer of AvalonBay Communities will deliver a keynote on AvalonBay’s Mid-Atlantic Outlook. Siobhan Kelly, associate director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency will be interviewed by Dana Wade, chief production officer of the federal housing administration finance team at Walter & Dunlop and will deliver a keynote on the FHA update
  • BMAC Midwest on Dec. 14: Greg West, president and CEO of ZOM Living; Gregory Mutz, CEO of AMLI Residential; and David Schwartz, CEO of Waterton will deliver the Fireside Keynote Chat

Read on to learn more about these events and get a breakdown of some of the topics that will be discussed. 

Technology Is Changing The Game. It’s Time To Keep Up

The pandemic has accelerated the need to implement the latest technologies in multifamily buildings, particularly with amenities that can help tenants feel safe. These include touchless technology features in common areas, virtual tours that enable tenants to view spaces from home and solutions that cater to e-commerce, such as accessible storage spaces to handle the influx of packages.

Technology can also help owners and asset managers increase efficiency in their day-to-day work through virtual assistant apps and project management platforms. 

Dive deeper into the latest multifamily tech trends at this BMAC panel:

Nov. 30Innovations in Property Management and Operations at BMAC East

  • Hear from Kevin Sheehan, senior managing director of Real Estate Services at Greystar and more CRE professionals as they discuss how touchless technology has become a trend that can impact the future of property management. 

Register for this event to find out what else is happening at BMAC East.

Dec. 8: Future-Proofing Your Portfolio at BMAC Pacific Northwest

  • Learn more about how incorporating technology can benefit an investor’s portfolio.

Register for this event to learn what else is happening at BMAC Pacific Northwest.

Affordable Housing Solutions To Serve The Greater Community

The ongoing need to provide more affordable housing options in the nation has long been an issue that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the United States has a deficit of more than 7 million residences, which are needed for the 10.8 million people who are classified as low income. While a challenge that developers face when creating affordable housing units is the cost of construction, having government support through a mix of subsidies may be a solution to explore.

Investors who are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios may consider the possibility of putting money into spaces that can be turned into high-quality affordable housing. They may wonder, however: Will affordable housing be a profitable venture? 

Through the following BMAC panels, attendees will learn about how multifamily landlords and communities are navigating the challenges that come with offering affordable housing:

Nov. 30Affordability and Quality Housing at DFW BMAC

  • Find out how businesses are assessing methods of developing high-quality and affordable housing to accommodate residents.

Register for this event or learn more about what’s happening at DFW BMAC.

Dec. 14Navigating Affordable and Workforce Housing at BMAC Midwest

  • Learn about the current state of affordable housing projects in urban areas and how mandates impact the potential to cut costs.

Register for this event to find out what else is happening at BMAC Midwest.

Create Smart Spaces For A Post-Pandemic Era

After almost two years of working from home on a full- or part-time basis, companies have begun to reassess what the workplace might look like coming out of the pandemic. A report by Quantum Workplace indicated that before the pandemic, only 7% of employees worked from home. As of June 2021, however, that number had increased to 65%, with 35% working fully at home and 30% splitting their time between the office and home. As developers look to the future, they  should consider construction methods and building designs that would allow multifamily buildings to be conducive to remote work.

The future of multifamily is moving in the direction of changing the way spaces look and feel to help tenants feel like they can have what they need in one building. This includes inputting layouts for remote or hybrid work as well as including sanitization methods and contactless to keep communal spaces clean after each occupant. Additionally, the development of WiFi-connected outdoor spaces within rooftop gardens and balconies is likely to become the norm, rather than a luxury.

Find out more about how developers anticipate the shift in building construction at the following panels:

Nov. 18New Development and Design Trends at BMAC Southeast

  • Learn more about how developers conceptualize multifamily spaces to fit tenants’ current needs in the current climate.

Register for this event and learn more about what's happening at BMAC Southeast.

Dec. 8: Forward-Thinking Development, Design and Construction at BMAC Pacific Northwest

  • Learn more about how developers are incorporating building designs and amenities into newer buildings to attract tenants. 

Register for this event to find out what else is happening at BMAC Pacific Northwest.

Financing For The Future Of Multifamily

Investment in the multifamily industry has soared within the past year to approximately $52.7B by the second half of 2021, and if demand is any indication, investment won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Within the first two quarters of 2021, the demand for apartments dominated over the amount available by 93,000 spaces. Multifamily properties were always considered to be strong and stable investments due to their ability to fare better than other assets during downturns. Multifamily units are also considered to be easier to finance than properties that require mortgage payments, as profit would likely come in, even with some vacant units.

Check out the following BMAC panels to learn more about how to finance and invest in multifamily properties:

Nov. 18Finance and Investment Trends at BMAC Southeast

Learn more about the future of multifamily and the process of finding opportunities to get in on the multifamily market.

Register for this event to check out this panel and find out what’s happening at BMAC Southeast.

Nov. 30Multifamily Finance: Follow The Money at BMAC East

  • The discussion will center on the stages of a deal from start to finish as well as the plan for capital markets coming out of the pandemic. This panel will be moderated by David Webb, vice chairman at CBRE.

Register for this event or learn what else is happening at BMAC East.