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Steve Wynn’s Attorneys Say There Was A Second Payoff

Wynn Las Vegas

Attorneys for disgraced casino mogul Steve Wynn revealed there was a second woman who settled with their client after accusing him of sexual misconduct. 

Legal documents received in a Nevada state court earlier in March show Steve Wynn went to the FBI accusing a woman of extortion after she allegedly threatened to go public with details of a 2006 financial settlement. Lisa Bloom, the woman’s attorney, denies the extortion allegations, according to the Associated Press

The report comes as the former CEO of Wynn Resorts is under heightened scrutiny for a wave of sexual misconduct allegations, first reported in January by the Wall Street Journal. Wynn’s first known settlement was a $7.5M payoff to a manicurist who told people Wynn forced her to have sex with him. 

New allegations came out in February, including one from a woman who said she gave birth to Wynn’s baby at a gas station in the 1970s after he repeatedly raped her at her Chicago apartment. Another woman said she had to resign as a card dealer at one of his casinos after she rebuffed his sexual advances. 

Wynn stepped down from his leadership post at Wynn Resorts, but still has a 12% stake in the company. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission launched an investigation into Wynn after the initial WSJ report, as his company is currently building the $2.4B Wynn Boston Harbor in Everett, Massachusetts. Massachusetts casino law requires anyone with more than a 5% share in a casino company licensed by the state to be deemed “suitable” by the MGC. 

While the MGC investigates whether Wynn Resorts should be able to retain its license to operate within the state, Massachusetts leaders have deliberated a name change for the casino to distance it from its former CEO.