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What To Expect For The Global Economy This Week


From the Fed releasing minutes of its September meeting and economic reports looking at the US consumer, to European production and the Chinese economy, here's what you can’t miss this week, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday: Japan will release its August current account data, which experts expect will show the country is continuing a more than two-year run of monthly surpluses.

Wednesday: The Fed will release the minutes from its September meeting, where it opted to keep rates steady despite three major dissensions, and European August industrial production data is forecast to jump 1.5%.

Thursday: China will release export figures, which are expected to decline 4% in September after their 2.8% drop in August. Despite falling exports, China has continued to gain export market share throughout 2016.

Friday: US retail sales are expected to have inched up 0.6% in September, which would be a strong turnaround from their 0.3% fall in August. These figures are even more important considering, for most of the year, consumer spending has been the main mover behind US growth. [WSJ]