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The Line Dividing Urban Cities From The Suburbs Is Blurring


In the past, cities and the suburbs were unique in their offerings. While one was known for its excitement and at times danger, the other represented comfort and safety. But a number of factors have come into play in recent years that have blurred the line between traditional urban cities and suburban culture.

Critics say Amazon is driving home prices up in Seattle and is chipping away at the city’s character.

Now that people have the opportunity to work, shop and communicate online, the physical location has become less importantBloomberg reports.

In many cases, both areas also attract the same young, educated demographic because they offer walkable areas and have plenty of public transit options. 

While suburban areas traditionally are not known for their entertainment offerings, rising rents have forced music and theater venues to move to the suburbs. Residents meanwhile are grappling with the same issue and are migrating to the suburbs as high prices force them out of the city in core markets across the country. 

Moving forward, disruptions by companies such as Amazon, which is currently deciding where to put its next headquarters, could have an even bigger impact and may close the gap even further.