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Amazon Received 238 Bids For HQ2. Now, A Continent Waits

Amazon's hands are full sorting through hundreds of bids for its second headquarters. 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

The tech giant received 238 proposals, from 54 states, provinces and districts across North America, for HQ2. The only U.S. states that did not apply were Arkansas, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, Wyoming and North and South Dakota, The Real Deal reports.

As it combs through the sea of proposals from across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Amazon is keeping financial incentives top of mind, in addition to other attributes outlined specifically in its request for proposals, such as a market's ability to attract and retain talent, business-friendliness, telecommunications connectivity and more. 

In the days leading up to last week's Oct. 19 RFP deadline, rumors and speculation abounded about potential HQ2 winners. In a Moody's Analytics report, cities such as Austin, Texas, Atlanta and Philadelphia came out ahead as potential winners, thanks to their growing tech hubs, quality of life and business-friendly environments.

With a planned investment of $5B and 50,000 jobs, Amazon's HQ2 could change the economic dynamics of whichever region it chooses to put down roots. 

An official decision will not be made until 2018. Until then, the country awaits the decision with bated breath.