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Can You Get Through Brexit Without Breaking Real Estate? A Bisnow Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Four weeks to go until the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union, and still, no one has a clue about what the outcome of Brexit negotiations will be. As a professional working in real estate, whether you are an owner, developer or advisor, it makes planning for the next few years nigh on impossible.

To help you prepare your business, Bisnow has devised a “choose your own adventure” game designed for UK real estate professionals. Maybe you read these books as a child: They often took the form of a quest or a mission, and as the story progressed, you had to choose from a number of options — if you want to drink the magic potion, go to page 10, if you don’t, go to page 20, that kind of thing.

In our UK real estate choose your own adventure, we map out the various options for Brexit and British politics. We imagine what might happen to various sectors of UK real estate if they come to pass, with the help of some seasoned industry experts who, in the interests of balance, have a range of views on whether Brexit will be good or bad for the UK.

So, where might Britain, UK property, and your business go from here? Choose your own Brexit real estate adventure below and find out …

The Clock Ticks Toward Halloween


It is 30 October. There are less than 48 hours to go until the UK is set to formally leave the EU, and it is still up in the air as to what course of action the UK government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will take.

You are a noble, charming, attractive and extremely intelligent UK real estate professional trying to work out how to position your business to survive and thrive over the coming years.

These, barring major unforeseen circumstances, are the most likely options the government will take. You have to choose which you think will occur.

If you think Johnson takes the UK out of Europe with a deal, go to section 1.

If you think the UK leaves the EU without a deal, go to section 2.

If you think Johnson seeks a deadline extension beyond 31 October for the UK to leave the EU, go to section 3.

If you think there is a short extension to the Brexit deadline date to facilitate a general election, go to section 4.