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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Against all the current odds, Boris Johnson manages to solve the catch-22 surrounding the question of what happens about the border between Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland, creates a withdrawal agreement the suits all 27 EU countries and gets MPs to vote for this deal. The UK is leaving the EU with a deal!

“Any sort of a deal would mean a huge relief rally, and capital that has been waiting on the sidelines coming flooding back in,” said M7 Chairman Richard Croft, a vocal backer of remaining in the EU. “Sterling would still be cheap on a historic basis and there would be a lot of foreign capital happy to invest in that relief rally.”

So, good for UK real estate in the short term. Then, the hard work starts.

“Whether we leave with or without a deal, the first day after we've exited, the first order of business is to start work on the new trade agreement with the EU,” Croft said. “It is not the end of the process, it is the beginning.”

So now there is a new question. Can the UK strike a good deal with the EU?

Yes! The government figures it out and negotiates a trade deal with the EU that benefits UK property. To find out what that looks like, go to section 5.

No. The UK ends up with a raw deal for UK real estate. To find out what that looks like, go to section 6.

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