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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson

It may have seemed unlikely after the party’s historic loss of seats at the last general election, but according to one poll in the first week of October, the Lib Dems are actually the second most popular party in the UK, mainly because of their clear stance on Brexit: They want to overturn the Brexit result. If they won a clear majority, they would simply decide to stay in the EU.

That is unlikely, though. A more likely scenario is that they form a coalition with Labour and the Scottish National Party, and agree to a second referendum.

Although this coalition would be left-leaning, it would temper the hard-left tenancies of the current Labour leadership and be amenable to business, both M7 Chairman Richard Croft and Prestbury Chairman Nick Leslau agreed.

This coalition would almost certainly mean a second referendum, probably with three choices: remain, leave with a deal or leave without a deal.

How do you think this second referendum would go?

If you think the UK votes to remain in the EU, go to section 12.

If you think they would vote to leave with a deal, go back to section 1.

If you think they would vote to leave without a deal, go back to section 2.

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