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Dallas-Fort Worth
The weather outside was frightful, but the open bar, live music, and Eddie Deen barbecue were perfect! Parmenter Realty Partners and Cousins Properties  sponsored our first Bisnow Dallas  shindig Thursday nite to say hello—oh, and to promote a fantastic 25k SF available on the 6th floor of the tony 8300 Douglas at Preston Center.
armenter’s Bobby Jefferson, Cousins’ Amanda Collier and Cynthia Cowen, Parmenter’s Beth Parkhurst, Cindy Cohnnter and Sharyn Glazer and Cousins’ Matt Schendle

Parmenter, of course, is a real estate investment management company that owns the trophy building, and Cousins manages its leasing there. Here are some of their finest: Parmenter’s Bobby Jefferson, Cousins’ Amanda Collier and Cynthia Cowen, Parmenter’s Beth ParkhurstCindy Cohnnter and Sharyn Glazer and Cousins’ Matt Schendle. Other Parmenter team members that helped with the event were Daniel VillalobosKelly SmithRegina McClendonSarah BucklesBridget CurlEmmett SealsJanelle JordanTeresa Kennedy, and Amanda Jenness. Parmenter owns over 6.2 million SF of office and has invested nearly $3 billion in nearly 17 million SF of office and residential assets.


Sharyn tells us that Parmenter acquired the 100k SF building in '04 and spent $2.5M  on renovation of the exterior, lobbies, restrooms, and common areas. She says the event was a great opportunity to have so many CRE professionals see the space and that several lease prospects both for Douglas and other DFW properties resulted. And if the food, wine, and song weren’t enough for you, she says Parmenter has a leasing incentive contest offering a trip to Romora Bay for the first broker/tenant to lease at least 10k SF on the 6th floor.

Gathered here: Cousins’ Mark Dickenson, Northwestern Investment Management Company’s Steve Holle, MetLife’s John Hall, Weaver’s Maxine Lawyer (a CPA named Lawyer—these are the fun things you see at Bisnow events). Northwestern’s Roger Davis, and MetLife’s Karla Peterson and Chad McKenney.

We didn't catch the name of the happy gent in the back left, but he was clearly enjoying the event. We snapped Cousins’ Mark Dickenson, Northwestern Investment Management Company’s Steve Holle, MetLife’s John Hall, Weaver’s Maxine Lawyer (a CPA named "Lawyer"—these are the fun things you see at Bisnowevents), Northwestern’s Roger Davis, and MetLife’s Karla Peterson and Chad McKenney. John has a large purse in the region, and we hear MetLife has big plans for $6.5B in new loan production this year   with all of that debt for office, retail, industrial, and multi-family. The firm recently served as advisor for KBS' $30.5M loan for Providence Tower.

Atmac Mechanical Services’ Julie McBrayer and ViewPoint Bank VP Ross Lyle

Happy Hour’s first guests: Atmac Mechanical Services’ Julie McBrayer and ViewPoint Bank VP Ross Lyle, who tells us ViewPoint closed a $4M loan on a Rockwall 100% occupied medical office building and a $9M refi for a retail property in San Antonio on Friday. The bank is in the process of doubling its capital base by raising $170M, which will allow the bank to lend another  $500M. Most recent ViewPoint Bank deals include: lender on The Richland Investments' acquisition of the 100% occupied 78k SF Gateway Business Center in Irving and an $18.5M refinance of an industrial portfolio for First Industrial Realty Trust.

Kurz Group’s Allen Shyrock, Taylor Kurz, Clint Templeton, Rick Kurz and Jeff Kurz at Bisnow Schmooze

Kurz Group’s Allen ShyrockTaylor KurzClint TempletonRick Kurz, and Jeff Kurz. The property tax consulting firm enjoyed a night out before the appeals cycle starts in full force in April. The firm is in the process of gathering data and assessing the market, Rick says. There’s no question which direction the values are going and with no sales to compare values to, he expects a significant number of appeals with the appraisal district this year.

Stream Realty’s Charles Otte on the left and his brother, Matthew who works for Transwestern, flanking C. Pharr & Co.’s Leah Ekmark and Marie Powell

Nope, you’re not seeing double. That’s Stream Realty’s Charles Otte on the left and his brother Matthew, who works for Transwestern, flanking C. Pharr & Co.’s Leah Ekmark and Marie Powell. Working in the investment services group, Matthew says he’s doing lots of valuations and working with banks and special servicers.

Match.Com HQ in Dallas
Apropos of nothing but our nosiness, we ventured to the floor above our the party to walk around the world HQ of, which has these TVs running full-time with old romantic movies.
Match.Com HQ in Dallas
And an employee cafeteria that looks designed for a little inter-office romance. We took pics so we can copy it at Bisnow. Even though it was only 5 PM, everyone was gone—we gather already out on dates.