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Just knowing the SF of a building is not enough anymore. Industrial building experts at yesterday's SIOR luncheon think you have to know about the ESFR and the T-5, T-8 or LED lighting.
Epstein's John Patelski and ProLogis' Dave Riefe
We snapped Epstein's John Patelski and ProLogis' Dave Riefe on the panel on “Retrofits That Pay for Themselves” at the Rosewood. John explained that ESFR sprinkler systems are especially efficient in taller buildings. Forcing out 100 gallons  of water per minute, they can put out of a fire, instead of just containing it. But beware: Your rack system (and leather jacket, for that matter) should be at least 18 inches from the sprinklers. John also thinks that LED lights will soon replace metal halide T-5 and T-8 lights; they're more efficient and longer lasting. Dave says upgrading the lighting and sprinklers in his international buildings, like the 180k-SF space he just leased to Steelcase in Mexico, is especially important because it means companies can buy an inexpensive and modern building.
Lee & Associates Jim Planey, Steve Ellenbogen, Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler's Lynn Reich and Venture One's Mark Goode.
On hand and asking questions were Lee & Associates Jim Planey,Steve Ellenbogen, Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler's  Lynn Reich, and Venture One's Mark Goode. Mark was celebrating 30 years at SIOR. Lynn and Jim just came back from the national SIOR conference where they saw a  glimmer of hope as brokers started to get deals done again. Lynn pointed out that she never had to think about how the inside layout of the building would look before, but now contractors are asking for racking plans before a lease is signed.
Winner's Edge's Roy Oczak, Peak Construction's Greg Freehauf, John Girsch & Co.'s John Girsch and Nugent Curtis Real Estate's Christopher Curtis
Winner's Edge's Roy Oczak, Peak Construction's Greg Freehauf, John Girsch & Co's John Girsch, and Nugent Curtis Real Estate's Christopher Curtis chatted after the luncheon. John recently helped a company save $1.74 PSF on relocating its 7k-SF industrial space from Wheeling to DuPage County. He also helped arrange a loan for a client opening a grocery store in Willowbrook.