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Tim Desmond
What's going to happen to the last piece of Fogelson and Forest City's Central Station Development on the near South Side? Tim Desmond, part of Gerald Fogelson's team answered that question Thursday at the Fogelson Forum at Roosevelt University. Gerald has owned the last parcel of land between Roosevelt and McCormick Place (from Indiana Avenue to Lake Shore Drive) for more than six years and says he plans to apply for a planned development permit soon. The site, to be called International Gateway, would have condo or apartment towers, hotels, and potentially a people moverfrom the L to McCormick Place. Estimated price tag: $4B.
Benet Haller
Chicago Housing and Economic Development rep Benet Haller says he can't officially talk about the plan until it's submitted, but issues could include future plans for the St. Charles Airline, a railroad that runs through the area (that might be ideal for forthcoming high-speed rail projects), and the access to Lake Shore Drive for residents on the site (he wonders how many additional exits would need to be built). Benet also says he likes the idea of more towers to frame Grant Park like the office towers on Randolph Street have done for the North.
Patrick Kennedy, Terri Thiel and Cassandra Francis
We snapped V3's Patrick Kennedy, Roosevelt Dean Terri Friel, andCassandra Francis before the presentation. Patrick's company is doing the civil engineering on track improvements to the Metro Northline of the Metra, so he expects smoother service from Chicago to Evanston in coming months. Terri's excited about the business school's new classrooms that will be located on floors 10 to 12 in the new Roosevelt vertical campus when it opens in 2012. The classrooms will include new presentation equipment (Roosevelt wants you to learn about beauty contests early).