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Yo Matsuzaki, Zentan


Fresh from Ozumo in Northern California, Yo Matsuzaki is in as executive chef at Zentan. He grew up in Japan, trained in the French culinary style and worked under such big names as Nobu and Morimoto. In other words—DC just struck gold. Yo says he’s going to add more Japanese pub food (izakaya) to the menu that will be a mix of comfort food and modern dishes. But, the “omakase” program is where he’ll shine. “That’s where I’m going to tell my story,” he tells us. “Each dish has meaning—like coming from my best friend’s yakitori shop.” The chef counter style meal is available to five diners on Thursdays at 6:30pm for $65 (starting Oct. 16). Last meal in prison: A deli bagel with whitefish salad, onion, and tomato.