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Town of Herndon's Definite Development Plan

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Town of Herndon's Definite Development Plan


The Town of Herndon welcomesAmazon Web ServicesandGlobal Integrated Security,both of which announced new locations in town. Herndon's avibrant communitythat, by virtue of its location and accessibility, is primed for smart, innovative development. Located at the heart of theDulles Technology Corridorand just two miles from Dulles Airport, Herndon is also home to a future stop on MetrorailsSilver Line. Citizens and business owners have all the advantages of living and working near a large metro area while experiencing Herndonsunique charm, small-town character, and sense of place, says MayorLisa Merkel.A master plan for Herndons downtown establishes a clear blueprint for development. From the informativemaster planto the recently adoptedDowntown Pattern Book, thedevelopment processin Herndon is defined and predictable. The centerpiece of Herndons downtown vision is more than111k SFof contiguous town-owned property available formixed-usedevelopment. Clickherefor more info.