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Premium Theaters Come to Bethesda

In an effort to compete with Netflix and popular cable TV shows, the theater industry is stepping up its game, reports Bethesda Magazine. The end result: three new luxury theaters in Bethesda. These five-star cinemas offer spacious reserved seating, wider aisles, mouthwatering morsels like prosciutto-wrapped dates or ahi tuna poke, beer, wine, and yes, even $395 bottles of Cristal. Of the three theaters, the newly renovated Landmark Bethesda Row is the simplest and least expensive at $46 for two; ArcLight Cinemas has the best popcorn and snacks, with that ahi tuna poke and a $49 check; and iPic Theaters (above) is the most impressive with premium seats that could put you to sleep and a bathroom that could double as a spa. iPic is also the most expensive, with a $50 premium date for two, and a $62 premium-plus date that includes blankets and a pillow.