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Experiential Used-Car Dealership Opening 35K SF Showroom In Prince George's County

A rendering of the Carbiz showroom in Laurel

Shoppers for a used car expect a stressful experience dealing with a greasy salesman in an outdoor parking lot, but one Baltimore company has created a new model and is bringing it to the DC area.

Carbiz is opening a 35K SF indoor used-car showroom in Laurel, Maryland, that will have at least 200 cars on display. 

Following the trend of experiential retail, Carbiz aims to be a destination for its customers by offering a sleek showroom that includes a lounge area where customers can play video games while they mull over their decision. 

The company calls its retail employees "experience specialists," and they do not work on commission like typical used-car sales people. The transactions are made entirely on technology with no paperwork. Carbiz also has an online platform that offers free shipping within a 100-mile radius of the store. 

“We’re putting consumers in the driver’s seat of the car-buying experience,” Carbiz CEO Evan Berney said in a release. “Our vision is to transform the way customers buy cars and we’ve made a huge shift in our business model to power that vision.” 

Carbiz is leasing the building at 8751 Freestate Drive in Laurel. It began construction in March and plans to open in July. Lee & Associates Allan Riorda brokered the deal. 

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