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Update On West Heating Plant Coming Next Week

The West Heating Plant in Georgetown

The state of plans for the replacement of the West Heating Plant will be addressed next Wednesday in a meeting at Georgetown Visitation.

The developers, led by Levy Group and the Four Seasons, have plans to take down almost all of the building with the exception of the 29th Street façade. A new building would be constructed that would replicate most of the old building and a park would be created on the south lot. There have been several differing opinions on what to do with the old building, ranging from a total razing to simply localized repair, The Georgetown Metropolitan reports. Efforts to declare the site a landmark were denied this past April by the Historic Preservation Board, which recently approved renovation plans for the MLK Library

The project still has a long road ahead of it before it receives final approval. The public will have the opportunity to review the plans at the meeting hosted by the Georgetown Citizens Association. [GM]