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DC Court Rejects PUD At 901 Monroe


The DC Court of Appeals has rejected a PUD near the Brookland Metro station over a failure to justify the project’s density.

A six-story project at 901 Monroe St NE from a partnership of the Menkiti Group, the Horning Brothers and Jim Stiegman would bring 200 residential units over ground-floor retail to the vacant land. The Zoning Commission had previously approved the project, but failed on multiple occasions to justify the project’s density, the Washington Business Journal reports.

Zoning’s initial PUD approval was appealed by a group of residents known as the “200-footers.” The residents reside within 200 feet of the project site in Brookland, and argued that the project’s classification as moderate density was incorrect, and actually should have been the higher level of medium density. Zoning had approved the project on three separate occasions, but the court has rejected the PUD for the third and possibly final time.

The development team remains committed to the project, and released a statement on the court’s ruling. “We believe the Court of Appeals’ decision sets a poor precedent of judicial overreach by a federally appointed court. We remain committed to the development at 901 Monroe St and are considering all available options,” the statement reads in part. 

As for the neighborhood of Brookland itself, it was recently noted as one of the more inquired about neighborhoods in DC from prospective renters[WBJ]