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Northeast D.C: At A Glance

For residents of Washington, D.C., one of the greatest perks of living in the city is knowing they can escape the corporate monotony of Downtown D.C. without leaving city limits. While the density of neighborhoods like U Street and Chinatown can seem overwhelming to some, residents have started flocking to far Northeast D.C, a spacious yet easily accessible part of the city that, until recently, has been one of D.C.’s best-kept secrets.

Home to national sites like Catholic University’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the National Arboretum, the Northeast quadrant has seen new bars, restaurants and residential developments pop up. A thriving brewery and distillery scene and a number of affordable living options continue to draw residents to the area. 

Northeast D.C. is one of the most diverse parts of the city. Black residents, who account for just 51% of the overall D.C. population, are the majority of Far Northeast residents at 84% of the population. While D.C.’s black population has gradually decreased in size since the 1960s, these statistics show that there is still a majority of black residents concentrated in specific areas of the city.