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Everything You Need to Know About Tysons

It is difficult to believe that Tysons, the famous sprawl of high-rise apartment towers, vast malls, and Fortune 500 company HQs, used to be little more than a cow pasture, quaintly named “Peach Grove.”

Before the arrival of the wealthy Tyson family in 1963 and their many business contracts, the biggest development in the quiet little town was a post office.

Tysons now houses the largest concentration of office space in Northern Virginia, and its precipitous growth shows no signs of slowing down. Construction projects scheduled for 2016 together comprise over 4.5M SF of new development. 

It is the corporate home of many large international companies, including Hilton Worldwide, Freddie Mac, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Capital One, among numerous others. The median household income of the area reflects this fact: $141,393 as of the 2010 census.