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Catholic Church Continues Trend Of Selling Northeast DC Properties To Developers


Some of the finest architecture in the District is in the hands of Catholic Church organizations, which have placed some stunning properties on the block.

Since 2008, Church organizations have been profiting by selling or developing their properties in Northeast DC. While this development has certainly been a welcome addition to tax rolls in the District, some worry the trend will have an impact on the neighborhood’s character, the Washingtonian reports.

Among the properties on the block are St. Joseph’s Seminary, a property that has been targeted by developer EYA and the DC DOT with an eye towards breaking up the property’s eight acres with up to 150 new homes. The Howard University School of Divinity has been in talks with Urban Land Institute to map out a game plan for developing its 22-acre spread on the East campus.

The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, a 42-acre spread regarded as the crown jewel of Catholic-owned properties, has not made it to market as of yet, but will surely be a popular target with its park-like gardens and stunning architecture.

A wave of residential development has been predicted for the Northeast quadrant of the District for some time. While nothing as transformative as Rhode Island Avenue Center is on tap as of yet, a few more massive Church properties hitting the market may provide just the right amount of divine inspiration. [Wash]