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The Hobby

WASHINGTON DC 06.27.2017


Matt Bronfman -- Jamestown Properties
Anthony Lanier -- EastBanc
Herb Miller -- Western Development
The Hobby

We snapped Vornado SVP for leasing Bruce Pascal and wife Amy at Grapeseed Bistro in Bethesda the other night. To say Bruce is a “Hot Wheels” nut is an extreme understatement. He started collecting the famous 1/64th scale model cars (ie, two inches long) at age 7 when they first came out in 1968 and today has over 6,000, including the rarest in the world, a pink 1969 VW bus.

The Hobby

The car thing is such that the couple even drove away from the restaurant in a special edition Camaro used in the Indy 500. Bruce has written a book on Hot Wheels, his collection’s been displayed at top automotive museums, and it’ll be the subject of an episode he’s filmed for Pawn Stars which should air in the next two months. Meanwhile, it takes up one full floor (out of four) in their house. Amy has agreed Bruce can keep on collecting “as long as nobody sees any of them in the living room or kitchen.”