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Fairfax Projects Gets Approved While Another Gets Iced

WASHINGTON DC 07.12.2017


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Deborah Ratner Salzberg -- Forest City Washington
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Richard Ruben -- Ruben Companies
Fairfax Projects Gets Approved While Another Gets Iced

Fairfax mayor Scott Silverthorne got the letter jurisdictions dread: the much-anticipated redevelopment of Layton Hall, which would turn 110 outdated garden apartments into 300 units, was being put on ice. Its owner, JCE, wrote that it would be too challenging right now to get the $25M needed. Scott says the decision was a setback for the city’s plan to bring more residents to its downtown, which would in turn bring in more retail and restaurants. But things may change for Fairfax. The city has hired a consulting firm to revamp its zoning laws—something that hadn’t been done since the early '80s. Scott says it would encourage more mixed-use projects

Fairfax Projects Gets Approved While Another Gets Iced

Other good news: several other projects are moving forward despite the Layton Hall setback. The City Council approved last week Cafritz’s Novus Fairfax Gateway project, in the works for two years. It brings 395 apartments and 25k SF of retail to the Kamp Washington section of Fairfax. Scott says other projects being considered by the council include redevelopment of 110 garden-style apartments into 160 townhomes and condos and a 60-unit condo complex off Pickett Road to complement existing high-end single-family homes.

Fairfax Projects Gets Approved While Another Gets Iced

Combined Properties, which has four shopping centers in the city, is moving forward with at least one of its projects. VP Randy Kenna says Fairfax Circle Plaza will be redeveloped into a mixed-use project with 400 apartments, a grocery store (TBD), and an additional 25k SF of ground-floor retail. Entitled last May, Randy says it’s the largest redevelopment the city has approved in a generation. Combined is also considering whether to redevelop Courthouse Plaza, next to Layton Hall. The company is working with existing retailers, including an outdated Safeway anchor store, to be part of the new project.