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Lawyer Launches School-Focused Nonprofit


Larry Freedman was doing pro bono legal and volunteer work 15 years ago when he was asked to plan a holiday party for the JC Nalle Community School in DC. The Ward 7 school had bullet holes on its front door and a dead body was once found on the school playground. The holiday party Larry and his family hosted was a success and has grown to include a Santa appearance (by Larry), donated gifts, and other activities throughout the year. Larry is now replicating the program for other schools with at-risk kids. His new nonprofit, Community Cares, Community Does, connects DC schools with volunteers and provides resources and support to enable short- and long-term volunteer activities.


Larry, whose wife and sons have gotten involved, is getting guidance from the successful Heart of Los Angeles program, started in SoCal 20 years ago. Volunteer opportunities will be based on an individual school’s needs, but he envisions core programs focused on sports, arts, music, and academic mentoring. The nonprofit will have a clearinghouse of school needs and resources to support people or organizations who can participate. There will be plenty of one-off opportunities, but he’s aiming for more sustainable relationships between volunteers and an individual school or organization.  

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