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AARP Turns To Tech Startups


AARP has partnered with one of the fastest-growing tech incubators in DC to find innovations that could benefit people age 50 and over. (Teaching seniors about tech used to be the job of everyone's grandkids. Now they'll have to just go back to being cute and incorrigible.) These startups will get introduced to key AARP affiliates and, in turn, receive help getting their products to market. The partnership helps fuel innovation designed specifically for people over 50 in tech, financial tech, lifestyle, health, health security, financial resilience and personal fulfillment. AARP SVP Jody Holtzman says the partnership also highlights the financial opportunity the 50-plus community has to offer inventors and investors.


The DC region has established itself as a substantial tech community, not just for government but also young startups working on everything from cybersecurity to training simulation software. That said, few have emerged to target older consumers. 1776 co-founder Donna Harris says the partnership will nurture startups all over the world. AARP has sponsored a “pitch” event where tech companies in the “50 and over” health tech industry present their ideas to consumers and investors. 

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