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Time Travelling To Support Trades


Concert Properties had its annual charity golf tournament Sept. 18, a fundraiser for trades training in Canada. “Everyone had a lot of fun getting into the '80s theme,” event spokesperson Chelsea Moore tells us. Indeed, Ghostbusters Darren Mewha, Jeff Juhala, Cam MacGregor, Emily Cragg, and Leslie Marta were right into the spirit, strapping on proton packs and setting out to light up the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


Concert president and COO Brian McCauley (pictured here in shades and a sick Dave Mustaine-esque mullet, along with employees Carla Fassbender, Karen Neveu, Bev Greene, Steven Schmidt, Colleen Haugen, and Jason Korolu) says his company has a “vested interest” in seeing the trades thrive. Concert has raised $2M for trades training programs across Canada already this year, the multifamily developer's 25th anniversary. The '80s-themed golf tourney was offered as a fun way to confront a serious issue: the looming shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry, Brian says.