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New VC to Target Green

Seattle Sustainability

Will Seattle soon be known as a hub for sustainable building tech? These entrepreneurs hope so. Nitze-Stagen & Co and Daniels Real Estate have teamed up to create a VC firm, Nitze-Stagen Capital Partners (NSCP) to specifically focus on sustainable products and services for the building industry. A lot of promising new technologies are focusing on low-impact built environments, and the company wants to invest on the best of these, Nitze-Stagen VP Peter A. Nitze, who's heading NSCP, tells us. (He's snapped above, right, with Daniels prez Kevin Daniels and Nitze-Stagen chairman Peter P. Nitze.)


The promise of sustainable tech is more than just new materials—think digital lighting or new kinds of glass or wood—but also a host of systems: environmental controls, water recycling, security, and more. Though a lot of progress has been made on sustainable tech in recent years, much room for improvement remains—and Seattle has a growing amount of talent in sustainable tech, but not quite as much seed capital. Over the next 12 to 18 months, Peter says, NSCP hopes to invest in three or four new sustainable tech companies.