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Trump Not Far Behind In DC

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Trump Not Far Behind In DC


The Capellaisn'tthe only game in town. Also delivering luxury to DC: the Trumps. Yesterday, dad Donald and daughter Ivanka beamed about the Trump Org's planned $200M redevelopment of the Old Post Office building into a luxury hotel, which Ivanka says should deliver by early '16 and which Donald says has "the potential to be the greatest hotel in the country, if not the world." (And considering the dearth of hotels on other planets, we could say "greatest hotel in the solar system.") If that happens, the Trumps will bring an element to DC that Donald believes doesn't exist, since "Washington doesn't have great hotels," he says. (Sounds like a few developers may beg to differ.)The Washington Post hosted the duo.


Here's the Old Post Office building. Ivanka, who's running point on the project, says she's excited to deliver such a product to a market that "hasn't had a luxury hotel in 13 years." She says discussions with the "greatest retailers and restaurateurs in the world" are ongoing. (Does that include Larry's Joke Shack?) Donald says the list includes Tiffany. The pair was coy on the room rates for the 261-key project, though Ivanka points out that it will likely be "at the top of the market."