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Digital Realty Bringing Direct Links To Oracle Cloud To Seattle, Other Metros

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Digital Realty is offering direct connectivity between its customers and Oracle’s cloud platform — Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fast Connect — in 14 U.S. and European cities, including Seattle.

The service is geared to companies whose applications rely on both Oracle’s cloud services and their own storage and computing infrastructure in Digital Realty’s data centers, according to Data Center Knowledge. 

Data center providers have been attempting to provide direct, private network links to major public cloud providers, something customers are increasingly demanding. Digital Realty has been providing this type of access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and Google Cloud Platform.

Oracle’s lead product, which offers fast access to databases, is crucial as large data users need information stored across multiple databases. The need for high-performance links between users’ on-premise database and their cloud provider continues to grow.

“Customers require seamless connectivity from their data centers and networks to Oracle Cloud for their most demanding workloads and applications,” Digital Realty Senior Vice President of Product Development Don Johnson said in a press release.

Giving Digital Realty a boost is its ability to host a customer’s data center in the same metro area, and sometimes on the same campus, as the cloud provider’s infrastructure. 

The service will be available in 60 data centers in Seattle; Ashburn, Virginia; Atlanta; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; London; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Phoenix; Portland; San Francisco; and Silicon Valley.

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