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The 2013 BISNOW POWER 50: Part 5


the 2013


The Most Influential Players

In Seattle Commercial Real Estate

Some first principles: Our list is about people, not firms. Its asnapshot of the moment,not lifetime achievement. Its aboutbuzz, not objective metrics like dollars or square feet. Finally, we know it'sbrazenly subjectiveand slightly ridiculous, but we hope thereforeprovocativeand fun. And if you disagreewell, theres always next year.

41. Joe McWilliams and Tay Yoshitani, Port of Seattle. Seeking first-ever development of 350 unrestricted acres out of their 4,000: plans for distribution and cargo facilities on 90 acres near the airport, to be following by 25 and 75 acre opportunities at the seaport for light industrial and flex.


42. Bert Dezzutti, Brookfield, Mike Shields, Kilroy, Steve Lattimer, Clarion, John Grassi, Spear Street Capital. Big out-of-towners jumping in here to pick up buildings or develop: Brookfields Met Park towers, with tenants like Facebook and HBO; Kilroys Westlake Terry; Clarions 1600 Seventh Avenue, 1201 Third, and industrial in Kent Valley; Spears building for Amazon. Were on the map.

43. Gary Carpenter and Michael McKee, Bentall Kennedy. Major capital guys, and although more involved now in Cali managing CalPERS money, here they are a quiet financial force behind the likes of Via6, the Stadium, and various office and multifamily projects in Bellevue.


44. Scott Redman, Sellen Construction. Ricks dad and grandfather were forces in the community at this homegrown giant, and so has he been since taking over five years ago (with Bob McCleskey) as the go-to contractor for Microsoft, the Gates Foundation, AT&T, museums, hotels, hospitals, and of course Amazon.


45. Civic leaders: Maggie Walker, volunteer extraordinaire; Kelly Mann, ULI Northwest. Among her many civic contributions is her monumental role in reshaping the waterfront, which is to say the very future of Seattle. Kellys the regional and national ULI star whos led the Northwest chapter eight years to become a key force for smart growth and the training of the next generation for real estate leadership.


46. Infill innovators: Maria Barrientos, Barrientos; Bryce Phillips, Evo. For 25 years, shes been a developer of small but influential urban multifamily, typically 20 to 200 units, active most recently in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Eastlake, and known for working closely with neighbors and caring about attractive designs and the pedestrian experience. Hes the snowboard mogul whos pivoted to doing hip urban renovations like Kolstrand in Ballard and a skatepark at the Fremont Collective on Stoneway, showing he can go as fast uphill in business as he can downhill on snow.

47. Dean Allen, McKinstry. The 52 year old family energy business now has 21 offices in 15 states, 300 trucks, big GSA contracts, and installs and maintains boilers, HVAC, lighting sensors, and every other mechanical and electrical component in practically every other building you see around town.


48. Skip Rowley and Magi Magill, Rowley Properties. This father-daughter duo, the face of modern Issaquah, has bold plans for a 4.4mm SF high tech business commons (urban villages Hyla Crossing and Rawley Center) that may not only create 6,500 jobs, but the nightlife suburbs crave now to retain their young.


49. David Victor, Seneca Group. Owners rep and project management guru behind Amazons new headquarters, the Gates Foundation, Childrens Museum, Museum of History and Industry, and many other public and private developments, along with colleagues like Lindy Gaylord.


50. Patricia Loveall and Matt Wood, Kidder Mathews. One reps locals like Paccar and Univar on their outbound space searches, the other inbound giants like DHL and Cort looking to locate here. Bill Condon and Matt McGregor, Colliers. The marathoner and triathaloner are a triple threat in tenant rep, leasing, and land, finding large swaths for clients in Sumner, Kent, and Renton, and currently listing 7mm feet for the likes of LaSalle, ProLogis, Pannatoni, LBA, and Clarion.