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The 2013 BISNOW POWER 50: Part 3


the 2013


The Most Influential Players

In Seattle Commercial Real Estate

Some first principles: Our list is about people, not firms. Its asnapshot of the moment,not lifetime achievement. Its aboutbuzz, not objective metrics like dollars or square feet. Finally, we know it'sbrazenly subjectiveand slightly ridiculous, but we hope thereforeprovocativeand fun. And if you disagreewell, theres always next year.

21. Lisa Picard, Skanska. NW development chief for the multinational behemoth, and armed with dual MIT degrees, this Hines vet is directing two high profile mixed use projects (Stone 34 in Fremont and 400 Fairview in SLU) and an apartment house in Bellevue, and emerged victorious in the latest city rezone.

22. Larry Benaroya, Benaroya Co. With Jack gone less than a year, Larry has taken strong leadership of a family empire that started in beer distribution, has its name on symphony hall, and is into all the hot areas like industrial, data centers, and apartments. Perhaps coolest: Hollywood son Michael makes movies.


23. Craig Kinzer, Kinzer Real Estate Services. Monster player has found Starbucks space for 20 years like its 1.1 mm SF HQ, eight $200-300mm roasting plants, and many big warehouses. Hes also helping Gates Foundation, Childrens Hospital, and Port of Seattleand regularly kayaking 220 miles in the Grand Canyon.

24. Stuart Williams, Lori Hill, Anne Chamberlin, JLL. Crack office and retail sales team, selling Vulcans Westlake/Terry to Kilroy, and QBEs 60% leased campus in Bellevue to KBS, and now marketing retail centers for Macerich Cadillac Fairview, and Westlake Steps for EOP. And no slouch at leasing either.


25. Dan Ivanoff, Schnitzer West. Having built Amazon 1.8 mm SF the last three years with Vulcan, and sold Bravern for a pretty penny, he backed away last year to reload with a new capital firm and started buying land for when the market returns. He may have faded a bit from sight, but no one counts him out.

26. Kevin Shannon, Tom Pehl, and Lou Senini, CBRE. Though based in LA, Kevins led a team that sold Vulcans South Lake Union buildings to Amazon, and by himself sold Bravern Office Commons in Bellevue for Schnitzer West. Biggest competition: Eastdils Jason Flynn.


27. Bob and Kevin Wallace, Wallace Properties. Not only barons of Bellevue, but now also nabobs of Northgate and titans of TOD, busier than ever, and whose second generation is proving equally adept in the political arena, which may be one in the same. Statewide office ahead?

28. Pat Callahan, Urban Renaissance. Former solider for Sam Zell running 18mm SF in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, hes now growing his own enterprise like gangbusters, with showcases like making C-class Joshua Green state-of-the-art and buying iconic Plaza 600 from Pacific Place.

29. Bruce Blume, Blume Company. This active developer is showing theres not just life south of Lake Union but east as well, owning 16 buildings in East Cascade and Eastlake Center as well as creating the Yale campus just blocks from Amazon. And showing hes plugged in enough to host dinner for Obama.


30. Kerry Nicholson, Legacy Partners. Finishing out tour as ULI Northwest chair, hes also re-jiggering his portfolio: selling River Park and Pratt Park to EQR and Cornerstone, just now finishing 200 Youngstown Flats, purchasing ground in Redmond, obtaining entitlements on Mercer, and looking for more everywhere.