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CRE At the Ballpark

CRE At the Ballpark
Judging by the Mariners record, SafeCo Field is not a place for pitching this year, but it is great for Powerpoints. That is to say, it's great for business meetings. We joined members of CCIM for a recent day at the ballpark. To call it a hit is an understatement (and a terrible pun).
The CCIM Washington State chapter at SafeCo Field.
This is the CCIM crew after being informed there were free garlic fries awaiting them in the broadcast booth. Just kidding—they're actually imitating Felix Hernandez's reaction following that perfect game he threw last month, the 23rd in major league baseball history. (Here's another cute take on Felix's celebratory stance.)
Scott Jenkins, VP of Ballpark Operations at SafeCo Field.
Here's VP of ballpark operations Scott Jenkins, an Trammell Crow alum, where he managed state office buildings. "Most football stadiums have holding cells," he tells us. In Philadelphia, for example, they would bring in a judge and hold court at the stadium after Eagles games. At SafeCo, they've traded holding cells for green business practices that actually generate revenue. The energy reduction—25% in five years—has been so dramatic that "PSE called and said, we want to come out and check your meter. We think it's broken," Scott recalls. Total savings: Around $16M, or about the price of a decent pitcher for a year.
The team changing room at SafeCo Field.
We asked Scott the two burning questions: Why do the Mariners oppose Chris Hansen's plan to put an NBA/NHL stadium in Sodo? Scott says the Mariners would be delighted to have the Sonics back in town, but cited the team's "concerns" about scheduling and traffic that another stadium would bring to the area. Two: Who came up with the idea for the dancing groundskeepers? "I don't know, but it's good, isn't it?" Scott laughs. "Some days it gets the biggest cheer." We couldn't resist a peek behind this sign in the team changing room, where we found a row of sinks with shaving kits and enough L.A. Looks hair gel to lubricate a 50-foot slip 'n slide.
RGM's Robert Messmer, Port of Bellingham's Lydia Bennett and Sterling Savings Bank's Mike Esfeld at SafeCo Field.
Everyone warmed up with a pre-game schmooze in the interview room at SafeCo. Above, current CCIM prez Robert Messmer of RGM with past prez Lydia Bennett and Mike Esfeld of Sterling Savings Bank. The big news in Robert's world: He had a new son last month. How'd he lose the weight so quickly? Robert, laughing: "It's called stress!"
The Granary Building on the Port of Bellingham's waterfront property.
Lydia, the Port of Bellingham's business development director, tells us that port and city are moving ahead on an anticipated waterfront development project, with Phase 1 being offered to developers before Thanksgiving. The port has also decided to include the Granary Building, an access point to the developable land, in its initial offering. Community advocates believe the Granary, which the port had slated for destruction, deserves to be preserved, and so far the city council agrees. Says Lydia: "We hope this is the best possibility for the Granary Building to be feasible." (Aside from using it as an actual granary.)