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San Francisco Best City To Live In Without A Car, Says Redfin


San Francisco is the best city to live in without a car, according to a recent Redfin report. Redfin analyzed U.S. cities with populations over 300,000 and compiled walk, transit and bike scores. The top 10 cities have easily accessible amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores, parks and jobs that residents can get to without a car.

Even though San Francisco is second in individual walking, transit and biking scores, it is the highest-rated overall. This may be welcome news to some residents, especially with Bay Area traffic getting worse.

“It’s true that most people in San Francisco don’t own cars,” Redfin real estate agent Mia Simon said. “It’s said that if you want to own a home that has parking, plan on adding about $300k to the cost of your home.”

Just about every neighborhood in San Francisco is walkable and BART and MUNI can be used to get around, according to Simon. She said prospective buyers often walk or take public transit between home tours to get a feel for what it would be like to live without a car.

Oakland rounded out the top 10 with access to BART and AC Transit lines, Trans-Bay express buses and ferries from Jack London Square. Simon said neighborhoods like Rockbridge, Uptown and Lake Merritt/Grand are very walkable and 13 neighborhoods have a bike score above 90.

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