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Con-way District's Development Plans In Air

    The Northwest District master plan, known as the Con-way District, has seen plenty of movement in the last few years. Developer XPO Logistic is considering selling the remaining acres in the master plan area to a national developer, which could have big implications for future and present development. Here's an outline of the master plan and more details about what its future may hold.

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    Up For Grabs

    In a recent meeting, XPO managers discussed the possibility of selling the seven remaining unclaimed acres to a national developer, and they've decided to look for a buyer, Lane Powell Attorneys & Counselors real estate lawyer Jill R. Long told the Northwest Examiner. She said XPO is looking to optimize the property's value.

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    XPO Logistic purchased Con-way last year, inheriting the master planned 17 acres. It was once the site of Con-way's circa-1970s HQ, manufacturing buildings and surface parking lots. Prior to the sale, Con-way was working with the city on the development of the Northwest Master Plan. XPO's consideration of a sale is different from Con-way's approach of selling individual parcels to local developers.

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    Slabtown Square

    Other projects in the district are up in the air. After years of planning a cluster of four to six buildings to surround a privately owned square in the district, Guardian Real Estate Services is scrapping everything and starting from square one, according to the Northwest Examiner. Guardian reportedly is considering selling Block 290 altogether. The firm requested its next design review hearing be delayed so that it can “further evaluate the project status and consider its options."

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    Cairn Pacific's Block 294E

    Meanwhile, developer Cairn Pacific has blocks 294E, pictured, and 295E in the works. GDB Architects and Jones Architecture have designed two buildings that will house 385 apartments and 20k SF of retail spaceNext Portland reports. All of this will go up on land that was once used as surface parking for Con-way employees.