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Bisnow Content Partner

Kinema Fitness

Kinema Fitness is a content partner of Bisnow and have worked with our Studio B team to develop creative content and custom offerings.

Kinema Fitness is a forward-thinking, corporate fitness center management and design company that delivers incredible fitness and wellness programs. With a passion for providing comprehensive holistic wellness experiences, delivering operational efficiencies, leveraging the newest technologies, all while providing unparalleled service and results, Kinema stands apart. Kinema inspires through innovation and creativity, from operations to programming, we engage members by educating and building relationships that are meaningful and lasting. Kinema has built a team of wellness and fitness experts that support our sites across the country. Through extremely high member utilization rates, class participation numbers, personal training sessions, holistic wellness offerings, profitable operations and member satisfaction, Kinema creates a unique wellness experience unlike no other. Kinema leverages a vetted network of technology and biotech companies within their operations to deliver a true preventative wellness experience. Kinema’s fitness center operations are flexible and customized to find the perfect solution for you. Whether you are looking for a part time operation or a full time solution, all models are supported by a large team of wellness professionals.