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Bisnow Exclusive: CapRock Partners Unveils OC Creative Office Conversion 'Radius'

Redevelopment is one way to meet the market's demand for creative office space, which is exactly what CapRock Partners is doing with a former industrial building in Tustin, a project it calls Radius. CapRock's Jake Loughridge tells us about it now, and company president Jon Pharris will be a speaker at our OC Evolution of Office event at Bixby Land's Avalon in Newport Beach beginning at 7:30am on Sept. 17 to tell us more.

Why "Radius"?


Jake says the company chose the name Radius because the project's location is very close to the true geographic center of Orange County, and close to the region's major arterial corridors. But the main reason is more metaphorical: to capture the development's place in the ongoing evolution of office space. "If you think of traditional office space as the center of the circle, then the radius is the progression or evolution of office space away from that traditional space. That's where we’re going now," he says.

What's distinctive about Radius?


For one thing, it's the largest Orange County creative office conversion to date, Jake tells us. CapRock is transforming a 110k SF industrial building into cutting-edge office, including the creation of a new grand entrance and over half an acre of outdoor amenities, such as outdoor seating and meeting areas, bocce ball, horseshoes, volleyball, barbecues, fire pits, a putting green and a dog area. "There's also a second-story component that creates a sort of 'flight deck' view where you can look out over all of the space," Jake says. At a 22-foot clear height, the 10k SF flight deck has a pretty dramatic view, he says.

Where is office space going?


Jake says Bill Halford of Bixby had a great quote recently about the term 'creative office' being overused, and called it 'progressive space' or 'next-generation space' like the Irvine Co does. "He's right. But whatever you want to call it, we're witnessing the evolution of office space—space that's individual to the tenant or user," he says. It's all about personal identity and feel. Employees these days want to enjoy where they work, and they expect work to look and feel more like home or a social gathering. Hear more about the next things in office at the OC Evolution of Office event at Bixby Land's Avalon in Newport Beach beginning at 7:30am on Sept. 17. Sign up here.